Work Experience

Summer 2019 | Bellevue, WA
Microsoft - Software Engineering Intern

Implemented support for dynamically typed data connectors in PowerApps. I accomplished this by developing a dynamic type identifier system to process the unknown return types of functions and integrating with the existing JavaScript generation codebase. As a result, I created access to hundreds of previously unavailable functions, driving direct business profit

Summer 2018 | Atlanta, GA
IBM - Security Services Developer Intern

Responsible for creating multiple Java microservices that handle RESTful behavior towards IBM customer data. I adopted IBM security models to authorize all possible service calls and shipped a microservice for handling customer contacts into production. I also contributed to a leaked-credential detector that won best demo in the IBM Intern Challenge

Summer 2017 | Austin, TX
IBM - Enterprise Swift Developer Intern

Developed the client side of a security framework for Swift packages in the context of Apple's Swift Package Manager. To do this, I reversed engineered Docker's Notary verification framework from Go to native Swift and ensured that my implementation complied with TUF specifications.

Summer 2016 | Philadelphia, PA
BACelet - Software Developer

During the summer of 2016, I worked for BACelet LLC, an organization making wrist breathalyzers. I created the iOS application that paired to the BACelet via Bluetooth and provided pertinent information to the user, integrating Firebase to create a social media and friends system within the application.

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iOS Application - Available on AppStore

JamCenter changes the way that musicians organize, share, and participate in jam sessions. Through a system of digital sessions, users can invite other musicians to their own sessions and look for other sessions in their area. By creating a session, a user can record audio, publish a song-list, and even share the session through Facebook. All sessions, by default, will become inactive one day after they begin.

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iOS Application - PennApps XIV
Take Me Out

Take Me Out is a social application for both iOS and Android that recommends nearby activities. It was created at PennApps XIV, with myself devleloping the iOS version, Guangyu Chen devloping the Android version, and Alexandr Rudenko providing the mathematics for the algorithms. Sara Misra worked on the logo and designs of the application.

The project recieved an honorable mention award from Lyft for its use of their API

3D Video Game - 15-112 Final Project
Animated Andrew

A 3D game made using Panda3D in which you play as Andrew, a boy stuck in a maze and trying to get as many crystals as possible before a panda gets him. He has the option to use decoys, but those time out and the pandas get smarter and faster as the score goes up. The project is an experiment in the 3D implementation of recursive backtracking and breadth first search.

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